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Bonjour! I’m Dr. Natacha Bonjout

My passion for skin radiance began more than 15 years ago when I completed my doctorate in pharmaceutical science with a focus on the science of radiance. Inspired by my extensive research on skin’s complexion, I sought to unlock the full power of skin’s inner radiance—how I define beauty. Unlike traditional products that rely on superficial pigments or oils to deliver surface-level results, Bonjout Beauty offers radiant results on contact while helping skin repair, regenerate and renew its natural healthy glow from within. Et voilà.

"Radiance is how I define beauty. For me, it’s the most beautiful skin you can have."

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Dr. Natacha Bonjout in the French Riviera

beautiful beginnings

From the French Riviera to Bonjout Beauty

My roots, my family and my joy—they all begin in the South of France. It’s my place of inspiration, a place where nature is soaked in sunshine and skin sparkles with light. Here, we find pleasure in living and cherish everyday moments. We seek to have only the very best essentials and prize natural, locally-sourced ingredients. We approach our beauty rituals with a less is more philosophy that’s at the heart of my dream come to life—Bonjout Beauty.

My Formulation Philosophy

Efficacy First

As a pharmaceutical doctor, l've created Bonjout Beauty as I would when conceiving a medicine or a drug. For me, it begins with efficacy and choosing only active ingredients that function in the skin in the most efficient way. Only then do I refine the formula to achieve the texture skin loves. Drop by drop, the result is a formulation that releases the full potential of your skin.

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Bonjout Radiance System Signature Formulation Protocol Pyramid

My Signature 2.6.60 Formulation Protocol

The Bonjout Radiance System™

Based on my 15 years of study on the science of radiance–including testing thousands of skincare and makeup formulas, analyzing hundreds of active ingredients and over 300 iterations of formulas–I created a unique 2.6.60 formulation protocol called the Bonjout Radiance System™.

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Le Sustainability

My Commitment to Your Skin & Beyond

Mindfulness is a way of life in the South of France. Living tucked between the mountains and the sea, we respect the nature that surrounds us. When I created Bonjout Beauty, my goal was to create just the essentials in the most sustainable way possible—including how I source ingredients, creating the cleanest formulation standards, and my beautifully recyclable packaging.

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Whole native cells extracted without killing plants

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We do not use ingredients known to harm the planet

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Le Balm’s macaron case is refillable for endless use

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Refill pods, cartons and outer sleeves are all recyclable