What is Considered French Beauty?

French beauty has long been associated with elegance, luxury, and simplicity. With it’s strong values of quality over quantity, minimalism, and prevention & maintenance, French beauty standards are synonymous with being the best authentic version of oneself, effortlessly.

French beauty is not to be mistaken for French Pharmacy beauty, as both have distinct characteristics: French beauty is associated with lavish luxury, while French pharmacy beauty is coupled with clinically-proven skincare results and affordable luxury.

French Pharmacy Beauty


French pharmacy beauty is the term used to define a special French skincare that was originally only available in many pharmacies in France. Due to its popularity, French pharmacy products now occupy space both in France and on the global beauty scene due to their affordable, highly effective, clinically-proven formulas that address a variety of skin types and conditions.

Avène is regarded as the first concept of French pharmacy beauty. The history of French Pharmacy dates back to 1736, after the discovery of the therapeutic properties of Avène Thermal Spring. Avène is known as a skincare classic and iconic French pharmacy staple.

Keeping the beauty routine basic and gentle is the foundation of French Pharmacy beauty. Depending on skin concerns, the routine can be as simple as three to five steps, providing an effective system that provides incredible results at an affordable price point everyone can access.

Key Features of French Pharmacy Beauty


Beauty is about the "lit from within glow‚ÄĚ for French women, therefore, French pharmacy beauty products contain high-quality, effective ingredients to cater to consumers' desired results. These formulas are tested in research and development labs for years for maximum efficacy.¬†

Most French skincare products, like Le Balm, include active botanicals, top-tier antioxidants, emollients, innovative functional ingredients and complexion-calming compounds that are mild enough on the skin to be used by anyone while still providing consistent and reliable results. These formulas also give special attention to skin conditions such as eczema, dryness and acne.

French pharmacy beauty is known for gentle formulations suitable for sensitive and problematic skin.

The French Pharmacy Brands


In a French pharmacy, you will find an array of brands developed in France that specifically address different skincare concerns. 

  • Av√®ne
  • Embryolisse
  • La Roche-Posay
  • Bioderma

Other renowned French pharmacy brands include Caudalie, Leonor Greyl, Vichy Laboratories and NUXE.

One thing is common for French pharmacy beauty: these brands carry out science-backed studies and extensive research and development activities for better efficacy and performance. The result is that formulations are not only effective but also gentle on both skin while being kind to the environment.

French pharmacy beauty offers a variety of products for skincare, haircare and body care, targeting different concerns. The skincare product range may commonly include thermal water, micellar water, mild cleansers, serums, moisturizers, and sunscreens. Shampoo, conditioner, and masks are common types of products for hair care. Bath and body care are soft and infused with unique fragrances signature to France. 

French Beauty Culture and Rituals


In contrast to multi-step skincare, French women prefer quality over quantity using products for cleansing, hydration, treatments, and SPF protection. This skincare ritual often consists of micelle water, mild cleanser, serums, moisturizer, and sunscreen, limiting the entire routine to 3 to 5 products.

The French concept of beauty lies in highlighting the best features of faces and accepting imperfections. The everyday makeup look is often natural and minimalist.

In France, makeup philosophy is usually to enhance natural beauty. Using a concealer where necessary (under the eyes, around the nose) or a lightweight tinted moisturizer, leaves the complexion natural, which compliments wearing either bold red lipstick or intense eye makeup; red lipstick is balanced by neutral eyes or vice versa.

French beauty practices are also heavily influenced by diet, exercise and overall lifestyle. 

    French Beauty Influencers and Trends


    Video tutorials and reviews help users better understand beauty products and new trends. They are also a powerful force in shaping the standard of beauty today.

    French beauty influencers like Jeanne Damas, Sabina Socol, Mélodie Bance, Camille Charriere, and Ambre Deveaux play a significant role in shaping trends and influencing consumer behavior. Most of them strengthen the effortless beauty concept, value the natural look and encourage followers to be their best selves. 

    Incorporating French Beauty Principles


    French Pharmacy beauty provides incredible results yet at an affordable price point everyone can access: French skincare is simple and effective. It is easily adaptive and people looking to add something to their routine can simply tweak the current regimen, adding French products for cleansing, hydration, treatment, and SPF protection. 

    As French pharmacy skincare products contain high-quality ingredients, the results are often quickly visible, but consistency is key. French beauty practices improve overall well-being and help embrace natural beauty with greater ease.

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